Location is Everything

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I know I know, I have a fashionblog, and it should be all about fashion. But in my opinion you can make or break fashion with your backdrop. Sometimes you see the best outfits, but such boring backdrops. Pretty much a no-go area for me. That’s why the boy and I always search for hours and hours to find a good location. I can be frustrating at times, ’cause after almost a year of blogging, finding new and exciting places can be a struggle. Last weekend we drove up to the marina of Amsterdam. It’s a perfect place to do an outfit shoot. Such an edgy vibe, perfect with my all black outfit. After taking that little break, I had to go back to all black. And god I missed it!

Wearing: H&M: Top | Mango: Jeans | Zara: Bag and Shoes

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


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