Team Mango

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I love Mango… I don’t think they ever disappointed me when it comes to their collection. For me most of the time, fashion is all about fast buys, Of course, like everybody else, I own a couple of pieces that cost me a small fortune. But most of the time, I can really love a tee, shirt or anything else for that matter and within a few weeks it can’t even remember why I bought it. I’m such a doubter (is that even a word?). So for that reason I really love Mango. Their items are affordable and always right on trend. So for this post I’m on team Mango (ok, I cheated with the Zara shoes), hope you guys like it!

Wearing: Mango: Tee, pants and bag | Zara: Shoes

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


2 thoughts on “Team Mango

  1. I feel ya girl…I own like 5 white shirts and ask myself why so many? Mango treats you quite well, love the simplicity in the white tank, you are always rockin’ !

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