Rules of the game

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For me, being a blogger means doing a shoot every weekend. Cause the most important thing is keeping the posts coming on a regular basis. It’s best thing ever, and I can be sure to be calling blogging about fashion more than just a hobby. It turned out to be my passion. But there are weekends when I just want sleep in and stay in bed all day. Weekends when I don’t want to dress up, or don’t even feel like doing my hair. But then again, we have to cause those are the rules of the game. Well last weekend was that kind of weekend. For this post I literally just threw something on. Went for the easiest combo ever leather, linen and Chucks. Effortless.

Wearing: Zara: Shirt | America Today: Leather pants | All Star: Sneakers

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


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