Sporty chic

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Every once in a while you need to step out of your comfort zone. So for this latest look, I decided to wear a skirt and sweater with my brand new All Stars. Even though it’s totally different from what I’d normally wear, it still needed to have a Michelle-feel to it. I think it turned out pretty good! What shall we call it…. Sporty chic?

Wearing: All Star: sneakers | Zara: Skirt and clutch | Mango: Sweater

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


16 thoughts on “Sporty chic

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to wear my kicks to work more often… wearing them with a skirt might be the perfect balance of sporty and chic! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. of course, you can pull it off!! p.s.. i thought i had been following you this whole time and was wondering why I hadn’t seen your posts on my feed recently, so I checked and realized I WASN’T following you. sorry about that! That’s corrected now! xoxo

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