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Since I started blogging, I really matured in my styling. At first I was constantely hesitant about my looks, and didn’t really know what I liked. But sometimes you come to the realisation your life took a turn for the best. For me that turn came a couple of months ago.  This more masculine look is a perfect example of me changing. Six months ago, it would have never come to mind wearing this. But step by step taking I’m  it to the next level. And boy do I like getting to know this new side of me!

Wearing: Isabel Marant: Sweater | Zara: Shirt and Clutch | Mango: Coated Jeans | Alexander Wang: Shoes | America Today: Sunnies

Photos by: Collin Roelofs



4 thoughts on “Masculine

  1. What an interesting self-reflection on your style. To me you always seemed to have that edgy/tomboy style but perhaps it has slowly evolved. Either way, I think your style is great and I really enjoy looking at all your stunning photos. Keep up the great work (you and your photographer 😀 )

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