Love for leather

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I really love leather items in my wardrobe. My biker jacket is one of my all time favorites. But there’s a new cutie on the block! It’s this perfect fake leather pants from the brand America Today. My journey for a pants, started last year. I think I tried over 25 pairs, but never found one that fit me, untill now. I gotta feeling, you’ll be seeing much more of this beauty in the future.

Wearing: America Today: Pants and Sunnies, Zara: Top, blazer and kicks.

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


7 thoughts on “Love for leather

  1. I have a couple of pairs of leather pants and they’re always the first things I reach for when the weather turns cooler (and the last things I reluctantly pack away). They work with everything and make any outfit look cooler. Yours look great, I’m sure you’ll live in them!

  2. These look great on you…
    I always wanted leather trousers, when I was like 16 I managed to save up enough and went shopping for a pair but trying to find the perfect fit was such a nightmare so I settled for a leather blazer which lasted ages 🙂 Still day dream about the perfect pair of leather trousers though! Steph x

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