Bricks and Rubble

IMG_4548  IMG_4553 IMG_4559 IMG_4561      IMG_4576 IMG_4592

For all of you bloggers who do outfit posts, know how hard it is to find locations. For us no different. This weekend, we had so little time to take pics, so we only did one shoot outside. When we drove by my old primary school, there was nothing more left than rubble. Sad to be seeing it like this, but perfect for a shoot. And yes you see it right, a little belly pop. I own this H&M trend top for quite some time now, but the temperatures never allowed me to wear it, until last sunday! I can feel spring coming closer, yay!

Wearing: Zara: Blazer and shoes | Mango: Jeans, | H&M: top | Ray-ban: Sunnies

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


9 thoughts on “Bricks and Rubble

  1. Co-sign! I had some trouble last sunday as well.. Haha! Finally found a cool place to shoot, but forgot to put my memory card back into my camera😱 nice backdrop!

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