Furry Friend

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Time flies by so fast, we’ve been back from NYC for over three weeks already. Of course we still have pictures, but even better we have a new clutch. Ohw yes, next to the coat and shoes I also got my hands on this furry clutch from Zara. I was looking for a new ‘everyday’-bag. This one is  perfect, not to small, but not so big I literally have to drag it with me. Most of the time I love to shop at brands we don’t have in Holland. With this clutch (and the Scotch and Soda coat) I kinda failed this vacation. But who cares, I still love them anyway.

Wearing: Zara: HAHA this is funny, my whole outfit is from Zara except for –> America Today: Sunnies

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


33 thoughts on “Furry Friend

  1. You look great babe! I love that clutch Zara is awesome I think its one of the only shops that I don’t mind going in abroad coz the stock is always changing. I cant wait for next month when ill be in Amsterdam, my last trip I found so many things 🙂 looking forward to getting a glimpse of the NYC photos hope you get them up soon. Steph x

  2. I’ve been trying to swap my enormous handbags for a day clutch for ages now, this one looks exactly the right size (ie big enough to cart a lot of my daily essentials). Really love the pebbled effect, too, it’s a nice detail.

    • Thanks so much girl! It is so hard to find the right size handbag. Most of the time I walk around with a hugely oversized bag, filled with complete nonsense! This size is just perfect, and yeah I also looooove that detail!

  3. Who cares if you can get it in Holland or not…the key is you snagged something you love it’s A-OK. I do love that clutch though, it’s hard to find one that carries enough but not too much…looks like you found the perfect balance. Bravo! xo

  4. Love the all black look!! I have to say, I recognize my bff in you: tall, gorgeous, loves black and Zara 😅😅😅
    Great acquisitions!! 😍😍😍

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