There’s a first for everything

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Everybody has so many ‘firsts’ in their lives, and this is a new ‘first’ for me. Last week I welcomed my first designer shoes from Michael Kors in my closet. And it felt good, maybe even a little too good. I’m horrible at saving money, and even better at spending it. I think I can single handedly get Holland out of the recession. But maybe my switch flipped while purchasing these beauties. Maybe it is time to spend less money on ‘fast buys’, and spend my money on designer pieces that last a long time. I specifically say maybe, because like I told you a couple of posts ago… I suck a resolutions. Only time can tell if I’ll keep this one. But for now I’ll enjoy my first designer shoes to the fullest.

Wearing: Michael Kors: Shoes | Zara: Coat, pants and tee, Ray Ban: Sunnies

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


24 thoughts on “There’s a first for everything

  1. The shoes are hot! You’re right- making investment buys is the key, it’s a way to consume less and have things that you’ll savour all the more.

  2. These are really great boots, the perfect height and shape. Regardless of whether you stick to your “resolution”, at least you know you’re onto a winner with these!

  3. Congrats on your purchase. I do think investment pieces are worth far more than many little things. Don’t worry about resolutions, shop and buy if it feels right! If it doesn’t, not worth it 😉

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