Travels: New York

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Finally the weekend is here, and we all survived the first week of work. To hold on a little bit to that feeling of holiday, I’d like to share some a amazing pics the boyfriend made in New York. Hope you guys enjoy and of course enjoy the weekend! See y’all next week!


24 thoughts on “Travels: New York

    • You should! This was the second time for us, and I think I liked it even more than the first time. But if you go, you should go for 5 or 6 days. You can relax more, and have enough time to see al the fantastic things.

  1. Wonderful shots of NYC both from above and underground 😉 There is something very attractive (and tiresome) about this place that I love and then can’t wait to leave so that I can get some rest 🙂 Would love to hear your favorite moments, places to shop, etc. Would love to compare notes!

    • I’m glad you liked the pics girl, means a lot! You know what.. I truely fell in love with Chelsea. I think it gives that little town feel in a very big city. And of course all the designer stores, I was constantly drooling in front of all the windows. I’m not really a fan of J.Crew and GAP (a little too preppy for me) but love Allsaints and Rag&Bone (too bad it was a little over budget). What did you like most? Any shopping tips for next time?

      • I totally see you as an All Saints or Rag and Bone girl 🙂 They can be over budget but this is the perfect time of year for Sales, Sales, Sales! As for NYC, I love Chelsea too! It seems like a neighborhood amongst all the hustle and bustle. I think you would also enjoy the Lower East Side. If you start there and walk towards SoHo, you can see a lot of great designers like Dannijo, Maje, Sieger Morrison, Vince, etc with their own stores. They are of course a little pricey but really fun the window shop. Another store to check out the next time you are there is a place called In God We Trust. I discovered it when I was in Brooklyn but they have a store in SoHo. It’s an independent label designed and manufactured in New York. I think some of their jewelry and tops you would like. Check out next time you are in NY! xo

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