Same old, same old

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Hey guys, how is life? Did your first week at work kicked off okay? Hope for my readers across the pond that you live to see the day with that arctic cold! In Europe it almost feels like spring with weirdly high temperatures. Maybe it is something we should al worry about, crazy weather, crazy temperatures. But for now it means I can still wear all my old, but favorite items like my biker jacket and cut out boots. I think everybody has a couple of favorite items in their closet. Items you want to wear every day. For me the jacket and cut out boots may be same old same old, but never boring.


11 thoughts on “Same old, same old

  1. It’s literally FREEZING over here! I went out to shoot for a new blog post today and I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes in the first 5 minutes! And, you must be my blogger twin bc I shot in a familiar place to yours 🙂 Be on the look out! You look like a BOSS, btw.

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