Back to reality!

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Yup there is no denying it, work life is here again. This means getting up at a not so reasonable hour, coming home late and trying to pack more than 24-hours in one day. For me maybe it’s a good thing though.. I need some kind of routine in my life so I don’t become a total slacker. ‘Cause who doesn’t love hanging out in bed ’till noon? Anyway, a new year and a fresh start. That also replies to my closet. This year I will try not to be a slacker and try to get my hands on some good key items. Starting with these slip ons, bought these cuties at American Eagle Outfitters. For those of you who follow the trends… Slip ons will be a much needed item in your closet this coming spring and summer. But of course I wouldn’t be me if didn’t wear them right away. Frozen feet much?

Wearing: American Eagle Outfitters: slip ons | Zara: Jacket, tee, pants | America today: Sunnies

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


12 thoughts on “Back to reality!

  1. I see you have on some of your New York finds 😀 I heard today is the “saddest’ day of the year since it is the first Monday of the New Year, people are going back to work, and others are lamenting over how much they spent during the holidays. Do you fall into any of these categories? 😀 Great look and photos (as always)! xo

  2. Hope the return to work wasn’t too tough! These shoes are very you and definitely worth the odd bit of frostbite!

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