Sound of the underground

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Who has ever been to NYC (or any other big city for that matter), knows that it will cost you a fortune taking a taxi around the city. So like most of us, we used the subway. I kinda got a love-hate relationship with the subway. Totally hate it for its smell, hard noises and disgusting warmth.. yugh. But love it cause of the melting pot of people. Different people, means different style, means a huge inspiration for me. So to do a little ode to the subway, we did a shoot underground. Hope you guys like it!

Wearing: Isabel Marant pour H&M: Sweater| Zara: pants, beanie  and Clutch| Est-ti-Ci: Coat | Nike: Sneakers

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


9 thoughts on “Sound of the underground

  1. Love these urban pictures, your sneakers and parka are awesome! And we’re NYC beanie sisters, I had the same one in grey there 😉
    I totally relate to what you say about the subway in NYC (although it wasn’t packed for us, as we were there on the Thanksgiving holiday). I absolutely loved everything about NYC but the subway. It’s old, grey and full of rats! I like it a lot more in London, where it looks a lot better, and the British being so cool and polite, you never get pushed around! Paris is horrible because people are really stressed out and indifferent, but the stations are arty and beautiful and that’s the positive thing about it (line 14 is even totally automatic with big glass protections so you have no access to the rails, whence no accidents, and it’s a beautiful, there’s even a garden in the station).
    I totally get the thing of watching strangers on the tube though, my thing is to wonder who they are, what they do in life, and what style would suit them best. Silly, right?
    Mafalda ❤

  2. Very cool urban/gritty shots! I totally feel the same way about the NYC subway. I lived there for a year and really hated going down into the depths, especially in the summer when it was hot and sticky…blech. Come visit Washington, DC next time, our underground metro is clean, well lit, and we have signs to tell you when the next train is coming 🙂

  3. After your Insta-teasers, I was so excited to see this full post. The shots are amazing and I love your urban look, but how did you manage to find an empty subway platform?!

  4. Great photos! You have a great urban casual style that is comfortable and adorable. You can easily blend in but there is something that draws attention to your beauty. Awesome post and I also just followed you on twitter!

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