Cut Out Boots

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On December fifth we Dutchies celebrate Sinterklaas, and that means prezzies!! This year Sinterklaas brought me a pair of  musthave boots. Maybe I’m a little late to the party, considering the winter temperatures are really here to stay. But I couldn’t be more happier with my new cut out boots from Sacha. Today I paired them with a black pants, but I can really see myself always wearing them with jeans or even a dress (Yes I do own dresses too). You guys enjoy the evening!

Wearing: Zara: Coat, shirt, Vero Moda: Pants, Sacha: Cut out boots, America Today: Sunnies

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


18 thoughts on “Cut Out Boots

    • Sinterklaas is more a kids thing, but since my sister has two kids we celebrate it every year. You can kinda compare it a little to Santa. If the kids were sweet and nice the past year they get a couple of presents. And oh yeah.. about the dress I’m thinking it over :). (Now that I’ve said, there is probably no way back right?)

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