Mohair Knit

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The last few weeks I’ve been doing desperate attempts to find some warm clothing. Unfortunately I don’t live in the warmest place on earth, but apperentely half of the retailers in Holland think we still have summer temperatures outside. Everywhere I look it’s all about tees and tops. Thank god I found this hugely oversized mohair knitwear at Mango. Lucky me I also got a 30 percent discount, making me a happy camper! Probably will continue my hunt for warmer things this weekend. Hope I’ll get lucky!Enjoy the weekend!

Wearing: Mango: Knit, Zara: pants, heels, America Today: sunnies

Photos by: Collin Roelofs


11 thoughts on “Mohair Knit

  1. Beautiful! I love the swing and drape of the sweater – it looks cozy without being bulky. And yet another stunning location… is all of Holland this perfect?! x

  2. Cute sweater! Does mohair make you itch? That is always my challenge in the winter, finding sweaters that don’t make me scratchy scratch! (ps- considering those Zara heels in gray)…

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